Shedua is an African hardwood that bears a faint resemblance to Wenge. It is a bit lighter in color than wenge and not quite as dense, but Shedua finishes to a highly polished look. The grain is dark making a beautiful contrast to to the brown earth tones of the heartwood. Shedua's sapwood is an off-white yellowish color, but is usually limited to the edges of boards if it appears at all. Shedua is available as rough lumber typically in 4/4 and 8/4 and upon request as surfaced or ripped material. the weight of the Shedua wood ranges from 5.5-6 lbs per B.F. and the workability is Very Hard, may exude resin, which is easily sanded off. Can have interlicking grain leading to tearouts. Slower planing, machining recommended. My wood can be used for cabinets, Millwork, and also for funiture. I have attached some pictures for you to checked it out and then get back to me with the quantity you need okay. here are the different price discription per Shedua board, text or call (707) 234-5715 .

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