Anna JuM Welsh Corgi Adult Female in Hartford, Connecticut

My story
Meet Anna JuM

Kermit the frog says it ain't easy being green, but it's even harder being a black dog. And as if that wasn't enuff, it ain't easy being Anna either. Case in point. I'm sure y'all herd of a little ditty called Frozen right? It's a movie for human puppies, children, children is the word.

There were two girl stars in that motion picture but who do all the lil human chicks wanna be for Howloween? Elsa. Elsa. Elsa. With her porcelain skin and shimmer turquoise gown. Whelp!!! What about Anna? She exists, she helped, she's brave. Notice the Annas of the world folks, you need us!

I'm a lil lady dog, with a 30 pound body and I'll put every ounce of that dirty 30 into my 100 yard dashes when I black swan dive into your arms. I love hugs. Love 'em. I'm listed as part Corgi part Lab, but who knows! You don't have to be pure bread to be a silly loaf, you can be full of muttsterious ingredients and be a Wonder bread!

I'm a favorite at rescue camp due to my go get 'em attitude. I willingly walk on leash and am crate trained. I have good recall and will sit for a hot dog, it's a wiggly sit but at least I'm trying to contain myself. I'm fun with other dogs. I keep up with the long legged big dogs when they gallop through the pasture, I don't let being a miniature pony throw salt on my game. Speaking of salt, let's throw some on the ice and melt away the frozen to make way for Anna banana the wonder bread dog.

(from my friends, the rescuers... Anna is a great girl, once she knows and trusts you. She is best in a no children (at all) home. She gets nervous when leashing her as well but we have tricks for that ;) She has a vive for life that matches no other, but she does have her quirks. She needs to be met several times before taking her home ;)

**Local Adoption Only

Local in the State of Texas 200.00
If you have any questions or would like to adopt Anna JuM, please reach out to the adoption group directly. PetSmart Charities does not facilitate the adoption process. Thank you.

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